Overview About DSLG

Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville (D.S.L.G.) is a non-profit, Charitable Corporation providing services and supports in the field of developmental disabilities.

The Corporation was incorporated in May 1983 and began providing services in July 1983 under the name Brockville and Area Centre for Developmentally Handicapped Persons Inc. (B.A.C.D.H.P. Inc.). The development of the community based Corporation was the result of the closure of St. Lawrence Regional Centre, a Schedule I institution which provided service to developmentally disabled persons. St. Lawrence Regional Centre's closure was the first step in Ontario moving from institutional care to community care. As with any "firsts" there were many challenges in the early years.

Today our caseload includes both children and adults. The Corporation provides these services through contracts with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Other sources of income include fee for service, grants, foundations and charitable donations. The Corporation's work also extends beyond the boundaries of Leeds and Grenville. We provide the network, software and support for the South East Regional Client Access System, as well as, The South East Regional Serious Occurance System.

The Corporation provides leadership at the Provincial level through the Provincial Network, the Great Lakes Society for Developmental Services in Ontario and the Ontario Association for Developmental Disabilities. On the international level, we are a founding member of the One World Foundation and the CanAm training exchange. We are also an active participant in the National Association for Dual Diagnosis and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

About Our New Logo

Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville has used the symbol of a tree since its beginning in 1983. This tree was used because it portrayed strength, longevity and the shape acts as an umbrella much like the organization itself. As the organization approaches its 30th year of service the ‘visual brand’ has been reviewed and renewed. It was determined that the approach to design the new ‘visual brand’ should be done by evolution rather than a complete change.

DSLG is very proud of its growth and evolution and the new logo is a reflection of that approach: 
• The tree was retained, but modernized and enlarged to allow the leaves to be seen; these leaves represent the community members that DSLG help.
• The trunk has been personified and the branches represent arms to show the support offered to those who are in need by cradling these leaves.
• The colours have been retained, maintaining a sense of the history of the organization.

The Community of Leeds Grenville has had an important partner for the past 30 years; it was agreed upon to better communicate to the community at large what DSLG was and is. To do this a ‘positioning statement’ was developed, and it is planned to work in partnership with the logo wherever and whenever possible: “Enhancing Abilities, Promoting Independence, Advocating for Inclusive Communities”.

DSLG is still the same organization but with a more modern face and ready to thrive for another 30 years in Leeds Grenville.

Dan Graham,
Allan Graphics.