Inclusive Child Care
The Inclusive Child Care program provides early identification and intervention services for children enrolled in a licensed nursery school, child care or early learning center, school age or private home daycare setting. Support is provided to enhance opportunities for inclusion of children with special needs in child care and early learning programs throughout the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. The program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.
Who is Eligible:
Children from birth to 10 years of age with an identified developmental delay or who are at-risk for later delays, are eligible for services. A child must be enrolled in a licensed child care or early learning setting in Leeds and Grenville, or be on the wait list for a child care space. The delay must be evident in at least two of the following areas of development:
  • Expressive language
  • Receptive language
  • Social/emotional
  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor
  • Self-help

A psychological or medical assessment to verify the developmental delay is not necessary at the time of referral. Family, child care teacher and other agency observations and assessments are accepted.
How and When to Make a Referral:
Parents and guardians are encouraged to refer their child themselves to the program, however referrals are accepted from any source with parental consent. At any time that a family has concerns or questions about their child’s development, they are encouraged to call the office to speak with a Resource Consultant. If a referral is made by the parent/guardian, or an agency on behalf of the parent/guardian, basic information is requested to initiate the referral process. We will ask for the name and birth date of the child, parent/guardian names, address, telephone numbers and the reason for the referral.
What Happens Next:
A Resource Consultant will contact the family within one week of receiving the referral to arrange an appointment at a convenient time and place determined by the family. The purpose of the appointment will be to share information about the program and the range of services and supports available, to discuss family priorities and to obtain information about the child’s strengths and needs. This begins the process of developing a Family Service Plan with the family and other supports that the family accesses.
Support Services:
Resource Consultants employ a consultative model to facilitate the inclusion of a child into the child care program. A range of supports is available to families and child care and early learning programs including, but not limited to the following:
For Families:
Family Service Plans are facilitated by the Resource Consultant utilizing a case conference approach and informal home visits as identified by the family’s preferences and needs. Priorities and goals are established and updated ongoingly (at a minimum of every six months).
In-home consultation is available at the family’s request. Review of the Family Service Plan, strategies and resources for their child’s growth and development and assistance with funding applications are some examples of support in the home.
Developmental screening tools are implemented when requested by the family in determining additional information concerning their child’s developmental skill level and areas of need. The family is assisted if needed, with a referral for a psychological assessment.
Service coordination and linkages to agency and other community services may be part of the family’s plan in meeting their child’s needs. The Resource Consultant will assist the family with referrals to community services and with coordinating the services that are involved.
Transitional planning to school is started the year prior to school entry. Coordinating and attending case conferences, sharing information with parental consent, linking kindergarten teachers with early childhood educators and offering strategies to the school, are part of the process in transitioning a child into the school system.
Resource lending library includes books, videos and resource material available for family use.
The Inclusive Child Care Program also offers Triple P Parenting Programs and Hanen™ You Make the Difference parent education sessions.
For Child Care and Early Learning Programs:
Program consultation is provided depending on the level of service that is required. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits may be scheduled to provide strategies and resources for inclusion.
Training for early childhood educators and child care providers is provided informally or through scheduled workshops on a variety of topics pertaining to inclusion and special needs. Partnerships with community agencies occur to organize full-day workshops throughout the year.
The Inclusive Child Care Program currently offers the following training opportunities:
Hanen Learning Language and Loving It
Hanen Teacher Talk Series
Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) Training
Intervene Before Reacting (CISS)
Room Arrangement as a Teaching Strategy
Engaging Parents in Child Care
Supporting Children With Autism
Inclusion in Early Childhood Settings
Enhanced Support funding is available to assist licensed child care and early learning programs with the inclusion of children with significant special needs  The Ministry of Children and Youth Services created the fund to allow for the reimbursement of wages of a Program Assistant who is hired by the child care program. In keeping with the principles of inclusion, the Program Assistant provides support to the program as a whole and is not intended to provide one-to-one support to a particular child.
Resource lending library includes equipment, toys, books, videos and resource material available for use by child care and early learniprograms. 
What Else Do We Do?
Ontario Years Centre Leeds and Grenville:
Monthly visits to the four Ontario Early Years Centres in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville are scheduled by the Resource Consultants. Information about child care, child development and services in the community are provided to parents, guardians and caregivers.

Community Committees:
Resource Consultants make scheduled visits to the four Ontario Early Years Centres in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Information about child care, child development and services in the community are provided to parents, guardians and caregivers.
Best Start:

Best Start is the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ plan to strengthen early learning, healthy development and child care services for children in their first years. The goal is to have all Ontario’s children ready and eager to learn by the time they enter grade one. Community agencies in Leeds and Grenville providing children’s services, have come together to plan and implement the Best Start initiative. This is a long-term plan, one that will be implemented in stages over a period of ten or more years.

The Resource Consultants are active members of the Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario. This network promotes inclusion of individuals with special needs, in their community, by providing a forum for networking, education and professional development for Resource Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and the Community. For information: click here

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